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    Five Ways in which Psychological Novels Resonate with Readers

    by Gail Aldwin The purpose of writing a novel is to reach readers and share the experiences set out in the story. It starts with an idea floating in the air like a dandelion seed. Sometimes ideas are easy to catch and hold, at other times they slip and vanish. Once an idea takes root, […] More

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    Five Steps to Capturing the Voices of Child Narrators

    I decided to write my second contemporary novel for adults This Much Huxley Knows with a seven-year-old narrator because I enjoyed developing the young character who goes missing in my debut novel The String Games. As a writer, entering the mind of a boy takes me so far away from my own experiences that I […] More

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    Five Steps to Working in Collaboration:

    How writer Gail Aldwin and illustrator Fiona Zechmeister created Pandemonium a picture book for children 2–7 years It’s an exciting experience to see words and images bring a children’s picture book to life. There were many drafts to get the story and illustrations for Pandemonium right and this article shares what I learnt from the […] More