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Review of Road Seven by Keith Rosson

A very pleasant ride into the depths of unknown horrors, human or otherwise.

Really enjoyed Keith Rosson’s latest novel, Road Seven about a doomed expedition to find a unicorn on a small island off the coast of Iceland. Mixing various genres, such as psychological, folk and cosmic horror, this story also explores the complex and labyrinthine structures of relationships, whether professional, familial or, yes, even, academic. Grotesquely funny at times, bluntly violent at others, it is nonetheless a very pleasant ride into the depths of unknown horrors, human or otherwise.

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About the Book

Mark Sandoval—resolutely arrogant, covered head to foot in precise geometric scarring, and still marginally famous after Hollywood made an Oscar-winner based off his memoir years before—has been strongly advised by his lawyer to leave the country following a drunken and potentially fatal hit and run. When a woman sends Sandoval grainy footage of what appears to be a unicorn, he quickly hires an assistant and the two head off to the woman’s farm in Hvíldarland, a tiny, remote island off the coast of Iceland. When they arrive on the island and discover that both a military base and the surrounding álagablettur, the nearby woods, are teeming with strangeness and secrets, they begin to realize that a supposed unicorn sighting is the least of their worries.


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