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    Roy Freirich’s Deprivation is a Beautifully Crafted Trap

    Deprivation is a must-read Roy Freirich’s Deprivation (Meerkat Press, March, 2020) is a book that could be described as a beautifully crafted trap. At first, the reader imagines that it will be one of those classic horror-thriller books, as all the ingredients are there: a vacation island, likable but life-scarred characters, strange events leading to […] More

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    Cat Rambo's Carpe Glitter Playlist

    Cat Rambo shared with us the most amazing music video playlist to go with her new novelette CARPE GLITTER. We think it really captures the the mood: glitz and glitter, stage magicians, and magical artifacts. CARPE GLITTER by Cat RamboFantasy / Paranormal / Novelette What do you do when someone else’s past forces itself on […] More

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    NB Magazine: Eugen Bacon meets Linda Hepworth

    In this lush interplanetary tale, Novic is an immortal Sayneth priest who flouts the conventions of a matriarchal society by choosing a name for his child. This act initiates chaos that splits the boy in two, unleashing a Jekyll-and-Hyde child upon the universe. Named T-Mo by his mother and Odysseus by his father, the story …

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    Official Book Trailer – COLLISION: Stories by J.S. Breukelaar

    Book Page & Buy Buttons:… A collection of twelve of J.S. Breukelaar’s darkest, finest stories with four new works, including the uncanny new novella “Ripples on a Blank Shore.” Introduction by award-winning author, Angela Slatter. Relish the Gothic strangeness of “Union Falls,” the alien horror of “Rogues Bay 3013,” the heartbreaking dystopia of “Glow,” the […] More

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    Book Cover Love: Road Seven by Keith Rosson

    Road Seven follows disgraced cryptozoologist Mark Sandoval—resolutely arrogant, covered head to foot in precise geometric scarring, and still marginally famous after Hollywood made an Oscar-winner based off his memoir years before—who has been strongly advised by his lawyer to leave the country following a drunken and potentially fatal hit and run. When a woman sends […] More