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    Foreword Reviews: Adults and Other Children

    Adults and Other Children: Lies, misconceptions and self-deception are at the heart of Miriam Cohen’s funny, scathing, and touching collection “Adults and Other Children”. Following the fortunes of girls as they navigate the perilous road to adulthood, Cohen’s…

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    Foreword Reviews: The Rhythm of the Rain

    The Rhythm of the Rain: Emptying a jar of water into a mountain pool, Issac imagines the journey it might take as it flows into tranquil streams, winding rivers, city canals, and murky ocean depths, or as it mists into a cloudy sky and falls down to earth in drops of…

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    Foreword Reviews: Tanisha Rule Interviews Gigi Berardi

    Conflicting, confusing, and crazymaking—that’s how many people describe the diet and nutrition information put out by our government, the medical industry, and any number of expert authors. Is beef okay in moderation? How ‘bout soy? Does our…

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    Foreword Reviews: From What Is to What If

    From What Is to What If: “Get real. Never gonna happen. That’s pie-in-the-sky bullshit. It’s too late to make a difference.” Yes, that’s the language of the cynic—always quick to shoot down the ideas of optimists and visionaries. Even in this age of…

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    Foreword Reviews: Children of Grass

    Children of Grass: Eighty poets under the influence of Walt share a poem and a comical pose in this winning collection of portraiture and poetry. That the two complement each other so well in coffee-table format is the unexpected delight. On the Rocks I love my son…

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    Foreword Reviews: MY BIG BEAR, MY LITTLE BEAR, AND ME

    My Big Bear, My Little Bear, and Me / Mi oso grande, mi oso pequeño y yo: In this story available in both English and Spanish, a little girl enjoys a snowy day outside, one hand clutching her small teddy tightly, the other lifted up to reach her big bear’s mittened paw, as she contemplates the love she has for both….

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    Foreword Reviews: Review of Resurrection Girls

    Resurrection Girls: Mystical and paranormal while at the same time all too real in its portrayal of grief, Ava Morgyn’s searing “Resurrection Girls” is a refined, startling debut that brims with authorial skill. Though geared toward young adults, it doesn’t shy…

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