Legacy of Seven: Book Series Soundtrack

By P. J. Flie

The magic of stories and storytelling is something that is absolutely spellbinding. I’ve always loved how music adds so much to movies. Change the background music and it can alter the meaning of the entire scene. Music that makes us apprehensive can add tension and give a sense of foreboding. If the song is happy and light, we know we can relax and enjoy the moment with those characters.

For this playlist I decided to give it a unified feeling, as it often has in science fiction or fantasy films. To achieve this, I decided to dive into John William’s extensive and brilliant catalogue. He’s created some of the most recognizable and iconic instrumental music of our modern age—think the theme song to Superman, Indiana Jones, or Star Wars.

Music that is mysterious, full of emotion, action, adventure, tension, sorrow, but what comes out the most for me is beauty and hope. These tracks pair perfectly with my science fiction and fantasy book series, Legacy of Seven: A Guardian Rises or Legacy of Seven: Darkness Falls.

Here is the complete soundtrack on Spotify:

  • Ruined Crop, and Going to War The anticipation and apprehension in this future dystopian world. Are the character’s ready for what’s coming?
  • The People’s House I imagine this to be the music that plays in the capital city of Bastion on an average day.
  • “With Malice Toward None” A beautiful quiet. Times on the farm where Ondreeal dreams of a better future, her heart full of longing and hope.
  • Bearing The Burden Tension that makes us worry about the characters as they forge ahead into dangers unknown.
  • Duel of the Fates This music is perfect for two epic showdowns, one between Sir Francis and Zairoc, and the other between Ondreeal and Zairoc.
  • Anakin’s Betrayal I imagine this playing when Ondreeal makes a horrible discovery. Or even for Sir Francis in his lowest moments.
  • The Journey to the Hanamachi The raider’s pursuit of Ondreeal, or Vere’s escape. Sir Francis as he remembers his lost friend, Aleenda.
  • The Race to the House Again, the lighter moments of comedic relief that include Bradai, Doyle and CD-45.
  • A Prayer For Peace This carries such a deep sadness, yet life marches on. Something that the characters must do. Dealing with tragedy and finding a way forward.
  • Freedom’s Call The pain doesn’t just go away, it lingers. But even with a heart weighed down, there are finally moments to smile, laugh, and have hope again.

Legacy of Seven: Darkness Falls

Author: P.J. Flie

Genre: Sci Fi/Fantasy

After the harrowing trials she underwent in the series’ first chapter to keep her magic from spiraling out of control, Ondreeal rests easy knowing she’s finally managed to keep her powers in check. But as the young wizard becomes plagued with dreams of a nightmarish future that she can’t remember upon waking, she begins to doubt whether her powers are really as controllable as she thought. A nagging urgency pulls her back to Bastion, a free city of light and a beacon of hope for all peoples, and home to Ondreeal’s mentor Sir Francis.

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