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Paulette Stout’s What We Never Say: Playlist

Growing up in Manhattan, I loved stomping about the streets with music blaring in my ears. I’d wear my leather motorcycle jacket, black boots, and my best pissed off face so people approaching on the sidewalk would step aside. My tunes rotated between the pounding anthems of Depeche Mode, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and Faith No More. But I also mixed in the lively-zany- optimism of the B-52’s, The Time, and Fred Schneider and the Shake Society.

Later, empowerment songs of Alanis Morrissette, the Indigo Girls, P!NK, crept in, which were impossible not to scream aloud myself. I’d dance around the kitchen to No Doubt and Madonna’s Music album. Looking back, I guess I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to run through a wall or dance around it.

In true “me” fashion, I’m not choosing again! Rebecca, Kyle, and Jane—my main characters in What We Never Say—are each cut from different cloth. The songs I’ve chosen represent their unique passions, fears and obsessions, as well as their relationships with each other. -Paulette Stout

Rebecca Sloane

  1. Just A Girl, No Doubt: Because too often women are under-estimated.
  1. Nightmare, Halsey: Sometimes impatience with society’s stupidity needs a steam valve.
  1. I’m Good, David Guetta & Bebe Rexha: Rebecca’s story reaches spectacular highs. This captures that night-of-splendor vibe.
  1. Better Thangs, Ciara with Summer Walker: Owning your destiny feels good.
  1. Man! I Feel Like a Woman, Shania Twain:  She’s been silent for too long. Time to make some noise.

Kyle Dillon

  1. Sharp Dressed Man, ZZ Top: As a former model, this fits.
  1. Left And Right, Charlie Puth: Kyle’s got some serious demons to work through.
  1. I’m Not Dead Yet, Mike Posner: Puts Kyle’s anguish to music beautifully.
  1. Wanted Dead or Alive, Bon Jovi: Why else? Kyle and his black and chrome motorcycle baby.
  1. Thank God, Kane Brown, Katelyn Brown. Kyle and Rebecca’s love is timeless.

Jane Stewart

  1. Fighter, Christina Aguilera: Jane had to fight hard for everything’s she earned.
  1. Peek-A-Boo, Siouxsie And The Banshees: Let’s face it, Jane’s more than a little obsessed with Kyle.
  1. B*tch Better Have My Money, Rihanna: Impatient and demanding, Jane doen’t like being told “no.”
  1. Sick of U, BoyWithUke: Because Jane’s basically a psycho.
  1. You Oughta Know, Alanis Morrisette: Captures the rage.

About the Author

Paulette Stout writes fast-paced and empowering contemporary women’s fiction stories, each touching on a different social issue. Some may be ones readers have never considered; others, may be familiar—but with a twist. Regardless, readers get bingeable reads and satisfying endings!

Raised by a single dad in Manhattan, Paulette is the gold-star wordsmith and owner of her content marketing agency, Media Goddess Inc., where she crafts content for her list of global clients.

You can usually find Paulette rearranging words into pleasing patterns while wearing grammar t-shirts.

Connect with her on Instagram and Facebook @pauletestoutauthor and on Twitter @StoutContent.

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